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Actionable Insights from Healthcare Data for Chronic Disease Management

The growth and adoption of healthcare informatics and big data has led to enterprising new medical diagnostics, monitoring and treatment approaches. Provide predictive and meaningful data to patients and doctors is our goal. Simplify management care using Equate Health algorithms and provide teachable moments with data visualizations.
equate health

Healthcare IoT

We at Equate Health trust in the ability to respond with pace and act at scale, which will benefit the IoT in providing healthcare services. We are ready to provide high quality healthcare services with Predictive analysis which will give advantages to the specialists and the patients.

Health care

At Equate Health we screen information, analyze it, trigger on alerts and provide required action by devices or humans. Integration between sensors, records, applications, smart tools and the massive amount of data flow among them is the strength in enhancing quality service.

Big Data analytics

We service chronic disease management through machine learning, variations, pattern recognition, several new algorithms and analytics for clinical decision and patient management and enhance the speed of decision making and guiding people to take better control based on their own data
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